YOUNG Medical Delta: Regenerative Medicine 4D


medical deltaOn December 9th, YOUNG Medical Delta hosts its annual symposium on collaboration between clinicians and technicians from multiple universities.

To give insight into the value of these kinds of collaborations and how these can be set up, the Medical Delta program Regenerative Medicine 4D will be used as an example of successful collaboration. Afterwards, you are invited for network drinks.


20.00 - 20.05: Welcoming words YOUNG Medical Delta chair, by Simone Langeveld
20.05 - 20.10: Welcoming words Medical Delta chair, by Frank Willem Jansen
20.10 - 20.25: Talk on Stem cells and models of diseases, by Assis. Prof. Dr. Roberto Narcisi, Orthopedics, Erasmus MC
20.25 - 20.35: Interview on collaboration Science, by Prof. Luc van der Laan of Prof. Gerjo van Osch, Orthopaedics & Otorhinolaryngology, Erasmus MC
20.35 - 20.40: Break
20.35 - 20.45: Talk on 4D printing technology, by Ir. Sebastien Callens, Biomechanical Engineering, TU Delft
20.50 - 21.10: Panel discussion, moderated by Prof. Luc van der Laan
21.10 - 21.15: Closing
21.15 - 21.20: Break
21.20 - 22.00: Networking