Innovation Room #15: CLASH - Developing a Culture of Learning Analytics

TU Delft Teachinglab (Building 32A), Landbergstraat 15

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Learning Analytics (LA) is one of the fastest developing fields in the last decade. Tracing and logging human activities in online systems has led to a plethora of monitoring dashboards, models for early detection of student drop out, feedback and recommendation systems and others to support learners, educators and organisations in the development, implementation and operation of educational processes.

LA in authentic contexts is more than a technical challenge, but rather a web of cognitive, social, organisational and political challenges (Buckingham Shum, Ferguson & Martinez-Maldonado, 2019). Organisations have their own culture of living educational processes and therefore supporting processes need to be customised to these. Educators have their own interpretations of student performance and consider different indicators for student feedback and coaching. Learners and educators live their own culture, which is also closely linked to the vision of leadership and learning rooted in the organisation. 

The Culture of Learning Analytics event (CLAsh) will feature some of the most advanced thinkers on Learning Analytics and open the opportunity to develop a first sketch of a LA culture for your own organisation, making use of a network of experts and collaboration in the workshop.

More info about the programme will follow soon, keep an eye on our website for updates.
Registrations opens on 9 January.