From Feed to Story
OMHE 2019
From Feed to Stories

Congress: Online Marketing Higher Education


The OMHE (Online Media Higher Education) events are organised by three Dutch Universities: Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam. OMHE is targeted at marketing- and communication professionals and every employee in the higher education sector who use online (social) media in their every day job.

OMHE started in 2013 when Erasmus University organised a mini congress on social media. Around 100 people from Dutch universities visited the congress. In 2014, Fedde van der Spoel (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Rob Speekenbrink (TU Delft), Christa van der Kruk (Erasmus University Rotterdam) en Annegien Lucas (Leiden University) decided to continue the tradition at one of the other LDE (Leiden-Delft-Erasmus) universities: TU Delft. In 2015, the third edition of OMHE took place in Leiden. In 2016, Brenda Hooiveld (TU Delft), Amanda Koopman (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Anne-Fleur van den Wall Bake-Varekamp (Leiden University) joined the team. OMHE 2016 took place in Rotterdam. The fifth OMHE was a return to TU Delft in 2017. It’s theme was Generation XYZ. The sixth OMHE took place in The Hague under a topic “Understanding our on/offline communities”.

The next and seventh OMHE congress 'From Feed to Story' will take place 21 May 2019 in Rotterdam. It will be organised by Lotte van Klaveren (Leiden University), Rose Korver (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Fedde van der Spoel (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Aleksandra Stuip (Erasmus University Rotterdam).

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