Beeld OMHE 2018
OMHE 2018
Understanding our on/offline communities

Congres: Online Media in Higher Education

Tuesday 22 may 2018

The next and sixth OMHE will take place in Leiden University. In this edition we invite experts and new young leaders to give us as a communication professional in Higher Education new and meaningful insights in the world of Online Media. OMHE 2018 is all about understanding our on/offline communities. Our audiences already move seamlessly from one platform to the next in everyday life, both online and offline. Do we really understand the worlds of prospects, students, alumni and researchers? How and where can we reach them and be relevant? And make an impact as a communication professional in a world with an overload of information?

Fro whom?

OMHE is targeted at marketing- and communication professionals, professionals at communication and student affairs and every employee in the higher education field that uses online (social) media in their every day job for the university they work for. Together we will delve into both new and already existing opportunities to really connect with our higher education community. Mark your calendar for OMHE 2018 at Leiden University: Tuesday 22 May 2018.


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