LDE NL Space Campus Summer School 2023


From July 9 till July 14 LDE NL Space Campus will organize the second edition of the LDE NL Space Campus Summer School for students who are interested in the Dutch space sector.  Registrations for 2023 are now open! Registration will close May 8 2023.

During the week you will meet and learn about the various space programmes, developments and (research) activities at the Leiden Delft and Erasmus universities and go on a tour of space agencies, institutes and industry in South Holland, including (amongst others): ESA ESTEC, SRON, TNO, AirbusDS, SBIC, Galileo Reference Centre and of course the three universities themselves. Starting at the NL Space Campus in Noordwijk at ESA-ESTEC, the technical heart of ESA, you will tour the cities of Leiden and Delft before returning to Noordwijk. During the week, you will meet many experts, and learn about the basics of space technology and recent developments. This way you can work on your team’s challenge fully prepared. 

The week also includes multiple fun and non-space events. You will get to know the other participants as well as learn about each other’s strengths, knowledge and approaches to problem-solving. This is important because you will need to combine your strengths to work in interdisciplinary teams to solve actual space sector challenges that require insight and knowledge from different backgrounds. You will therefore grow many (soft)skills such as collaboration, communication and creative thinking. To stimulate working in a team and building a network, we have included teambuilding exercises, industry workshops and collaborative activities. These are combined with project team building, networking drinks, a project presentation and end the week with a networking barbecue.

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  • Connect with and meet like-minded students from different studies and the space sector
  • Experience working in an interdisciplinary team to solve challenges that the space market is currently facing
  • Learn about the activities, developments and challenges in the Dutch Space sector
  • Broaden your network with experts from renowned companies in the space sector
  • Build your CV by working in teams and on challenge proposals
  • Find out how and where you can work in the Dutch space sector


  • Applications are open for 2nd, 3rd and 4th-year bachelor students and master students of any course that is registered at a Dutch College or University (of Applied Sciences). Applications from non-Dutch Universities will also be considered, which also counts for YP's who have just finished their studies. 
  • Apply on time and dedicate your time fully during the 6 days of Summer School
  • Motivate your application and indicate which topics have your interest the most
  • Get selected for the summer school
  • Pay a fee (LDE students €205 and non-LDE students €255), which includes lunch, dinner, activities and a closing party (see the full application here)
  • Most importantly: have fun, connect and get inspired!

Note: Participants will be selected on motivation and study background to have sufficient participants from different backgrounds for the interdisciplinary projects. It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge about space technology to join this Summer School.

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