Dual Career Network Events 2019

Events for partners and spouses of international employees


June 19: Expat Cinema: Nous finirons ensemble (Leiden)

June 20: The Spouses Program – Reinvent yourself (Rotterdam Venture Café)

June 22: Summer Recharge / Celebrate Succes and Activate New Goals (Rotterdam) (CANCELLED)

June 24: Partner Career Advice Workshop – Part 3 (TU Delft)

June 25: World Picnic (Leiden)

June 27: Networking event to connect with the innovative technology & life sciences ecosystem in Rotterdam

June 27: Society Drinks The Hague / meet other internationals & recruiters

June 27: North Sea Round Town (Erasmus University)


July 3: LinkedIn training (TU Delft)

July 4: Meet & Mingle / Meet other Internationals in Leiden


August 1: Meet & Mingle / Meet other Internationals in Leiden

August 6: Dutch Conversations Meet up (Rotterdam)

August 20: Dutch Conversations Meet up (Rotterdam)


September 1: Dutch Courses (Erasmus University)

September 5: Heartbeat Festival (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

September 12: Smart Mobility Gathering (Venture Café Rotterdam)

September 13: YES!Delft Co-lab / workshop where you are challenged to collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs (Delft)

September 14: International Talent Event for Partners (Utrecht)

September 19: Life Sciences Café (Leiden)

September 19: Talent Night, the future of Human Capital (Rotterdam Capital Days)

September 20-22: Techstars Startup Weekend Rotterdam

September 21: Meet & Mingle Leiden

September 26: Future of Travel (Venture Café Rotterdam)

September 26: Mamas meetup (Leiden)

September 28: Leiden Science Run

September 28: Dutch Intercultural Course (Leiden)


October 1: For the love of Music (Lecture Rotterdam)

October 6: I am not a Tourist Expat Fair

October 11: The Quest for Controlled Freedom (Rotterdam)

October 18: Storytelling & Social Media (Rotterdam)

October 23: Film: Merchants of Doubts (Erasmus University)

October 31: Life Sciences Café (Leiden)


November 3: Bock Beer Beerwalk (Leiden)

November 7: Meet & Mingle (Leiden)

November 9: The IamExpat Fair (The Hague)

November 20: Tech Job Fair Autumn 2019

November 28: Life Sciences Café (Leiden)


December 5: Meet & Mingle (Leiden)


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