Symposium with Didier Eribon: ‘Class migration and its social consequences'

Erasmus Pavilion Theatre (Erasmus University), Rotterdam

The LDE Centre Governance of Migration and Diversity is pleased to invite you to a symposium with French sociologist Dr. Didier Eribon (University of Amiens). Titled 'Class Migration and its Consequences', the symposium will source from his book Returning to Reims but particularly his most recent work La société comme verdict (Het Vonnis van de Samenleving in Dutch). The session will explore the complexity of class and how society assigns positions - and therefore hierarchies - to those that exist within it. In this symposium, we will explore the notion of class migration.

Didier Eribon is a French sociologist and philosopher. He is internationally renowned for his work on the biography of Michael Foucault and his popular book Returning to Reims, where he interrogates his family's class position and how it has influenced and continues to influence present realities. He is influential for his views on gender, education, and social issues such as nationalism, poverty, and the future of the left. 

The lecture by Didier Eribon will be complemented by LDE GMD-affiliated panelists to create a dialogue about the social, political, and cultural consequences of class migration.

A confirmed panelist is Prof. dr. Jeroen van der Waal (Erasmus University). The other panelists for this session will be announced closer to the date. 

Spots for this symposium are limited so we encourage you to register as soon as possible. More details to come after signing up.

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