Dies Natalis TU Delft




Week of Resilience: A week in which we celebrate Resilience with knowledge & inspiration - 11-15 January

The world is in turmoil. We are in the grip of a pandemic, and even the post-corona era will be fraught with challenges old and new. How do we safeguard the future of next generations? Rather an ominous start to an invitation for a birthday party, but there it is. Nevertheless, we will be celebrating our 179th Dies Natalis on 15 January 2021. And we do have reasons for joy: we believe the answer lies in Resilience, a force for good we have proven to possess in abundance while dealing with the current crisis.

Now it is time to show the world.

That is why this year’s Dies Natalis celebration will be a Week of Resilience. Join the party and share in a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Let’s Celebrate Resilience Together

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