Triple E Lecture: Food Forests as the Future of Agriculture

Aula, Van Steenis building, Leiden University


Triple E Series

The Triple E Lecture Series is back this spring! Ecology, Energy and Environment are three of the major themes of our time which encompass the key challenges regarding our planet’s future. Particularly those regarding natural resources, climate change and environmental degradation. The Institute of Environmental Sciences Leiden in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainability organizes a monthly cross-disciplinary lecture series where we invite globally renowned and inspiring thinkers and scientists alike to address these three pillars of science.

The lecture series will take place at the Aula of the van Steenis building in Leiden. All events are free of charge, and registration is required.

Lecture 3: Food Forests as the Future of Agriculture

Modern agriculture relies almost exclusively on monocultures that require highly intensive machinery, chemicals and an enormous input of fertilizers. In summary: a huge amount of (fossil) fuels. We desperately need other models of food production.

In this Triple E lecture on the future on sustainable farming, Wouter van Eck will give a talk about the role food forests as a future farming system. What are food forests, what are the benefits and is it more productive or cost effective than regular commercial agricultural system? Can it feed a growing world population? We will discuss all these topics during the lecture on the 18th of June. Find out more!