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In order to Exchange views and experiences and to facilitate and support each other in our learning analytics endeavours, we are inviting you to participate in our one-day-learning-analytics-event in Delft on April 8, 2019!

Among various trending topics that can be investigated in the field of educational technology at present there is a clear and high demand of making use of educational data to improve the whole learning and teaching cycle. This spans from collecting and estimating the prior knowledge of students for a certain subject, to the actual learning process and its assessment. Educational data science therefore cuts through almost all educational technology disciplines and is key to many other research topics.

Data science in education has been coined ‘Learning Analytics’, an umbrella term for research questions from overlapping research domains such as psychology, educational science, computer and data science. Learning analytics is the collection and analysis of data about learners and their contexts, in order to understand and optimize learning experiences and the environments in which they occur.

The main objective for learning analytics is to unveil so far hidden information out of the educational data to gain new insights and prepare those for the different educational stakeholders (learners, trainers and managers). This new kind of information can support individual learning, enhance facilitation and teaching quality, but also improve organizational knowledge management processes and system administration.

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