Marjolijn Das starts as Centre for BOLD Cities' professor by special appointment

Marjolijn Das, who works at Statistics Netherlands (CBS), has been appointed Urban Statistics professor at the Centre for BOLD Cities. Her research focuses on social urban topics, in which she exerts large-scale registry data.

Marjolijn Das

The position is funded by CBS (Statistics Netherlands) and established at Erasmus University. 

In her research, Marjolijn Das will focus on the interaction between city residents and their social networks. How does an urban environment influence one's lifecycle, and what role do urban social networks play in this matter? In order to answer these questions, Das will map family networks throughout The Netherlands. Diversity and background and geographical dispersion should help explain how the nearness of family may influence the lifecycles of urban residents.

More information on Marjolijn Das and her appointment is available via this press release at Erasmus University and an interview on the CBS website (both in Dutch).