CEL Innovation Room #10 Learning and Academic Analytics


In the Innovation Rooms of the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Education and Learning researchers, teachers, teacher trainers, educational designers and policymakers share new insights and practises in the field of higher education teaching and learning.

This time we would like to share latest research, expertise and experiences in the field of Analyzing Data about student’s behaviour, performance and results. What can we learn; how can we optimize  the learning environment to help students perform better? And what students engagement can be distilled out of analysing educational datasets? 

Learning and Academic analytics have been eminent topics in the last couple of years. The field of Academic Analytics can help institutions to address student success and accountability. On the other hand, the field of Learning Analytics offer tools and technologies that provide a rich atmosphere to do proper interventions and improve education in general. Both fields are outlined by their goals in improving the whole learning process and the environment by which learning takes place. In the 10th Innovation Room, we are delighted to invite experts who will catch you up with the latest insights on both Learning Analytics and Academic Analytics. This event will take place at the new building of the Teaching Lab at TUDelft. The program will start at 9 AM and will end with a lunch at 1 PM.

The Keynote speaker will be Dr. Tinne de Laet, furthermore we invited some experts in the field who will catch you up with the latest insights.