First Clinical Technology Master's students graduate

Thursday 3 September - Today the first year of Master's degree students in Clinical Technology is graduating under the joint programme of LUMC, TU Delft and Erasmus MC. To bridge the ever-widening gap between technological innovation and medicine, the new Clinical Technology programme within the LDE alliance was launched six years ago. This formed the introduction of the 'medtech professional' in the medical field.

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The Master's students are demonstrating their added value in the contribution they make to complex medical-technical issues, such as the optimisation or implementation of technology in hospitals. The graduation ceremony in the Academiegebouw in Leiden today is another milestone in the growth of this field since 1 July, following the first milestone of the BIG registration.

Fons Wesselius leiden delft erasmus klinische technologie master studentMaster's student Fons Wesselius: "When I was working on my graduation project, I discovered that papers on automatic detection of cardiac dysrhythmia either focus very much on the technical signal analysis or on the role of the cardiologist. As a Clinical Technologist you have the creativity to combine these points of view in order to actually innovate. In my graduation research, this led to a practical method for automatic detection of atrial fibrillation."

The collaboration between clinician and engineer is the key aspect of the Clinical Technology programme. During their clinical internships, the projects the students worked on included the development of a new ventilation method during the Corona crisis, the design of 3D-printed masks to prevent scarring after surgical facial reconstruction and devising a convenient way to automatically detect atrial fibrillation.

   The students can be proud of themselves. During their studies, they often had to overcome their 'guinea pig status' and sometimes had to fight for their position in the medical team. This is an important day for them and for the programme. Clinical Technologists have emphatically put themselves in the picture: the programme has also graduated today, as it were.”  - Jaap Harlaar, programme director Clinical Technology

The LDE Alliance and Medical Delta
Following in the footsteps of the University of Twente, Leiden-Delft-Erasmus started its Bachelor's in Clinical Technology in 2014 and its Master's in Clinical Technology in 2017. The Clinical Technology programme is a collaboration between TU Delft, Leiden University (LUMC) and Erasmus University Rotterdam (Erasmus MC). These three world-class centres are already working together on clinical-technological research in Medical Delta. Medical Delta is a collaborative platform that brings together the three renowned universities, two university medical centres, four universities of applied sciences, government bodies, companies, care institutions and other parties in Zuid-Holland, and aims to use technological solutions to achieve sustainable care.

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