White Papers


The interdisciplinary Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centres seek to contribute towards understanding and solving the major and complex social issues of our time. They work with societal partners and seek to form a basis for further academic and public-private partnerships. On this page you will find an overview of white papers in which complex issues are approached from various disciplines.

De white papers are written in Dutch, with an English summary.  All interviews are seperately published as well, including an English translation. The white paper Repair in the circular economy is fully translated.

White paper 'Critical Materials, Green Energy and Geopolitics: a complex mix' - June 2022

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white paper

White paper 'Healthy Society: Towards a Healthy Society for All' - November 2022

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white paper healthy society LDE

White paper 'Smart Cities' - july 2023

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smart cities

White paper 'Repair in the circular economy' - november 2023

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white paper repair


White paper 'Climate and Biodiversity' - may 2024

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klimaat en biodiv