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LDE Initiative Climate and Biodiversity


In the pressing research fields of climate and biodiversity, much complementary research is taking place at the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus universities. In Leiden, the emphasis is on biodiversity, in Delft on climate and in Rotterdam on how law and new business models can contribute to combating climate change and protecting biodiversity.

We have valuable knowledge in the fields of climate and biodiversity, but like the UN panels IPCC and IPBES in their joint report Biodiversity and Climate Change, we note that research in the two domains makes too little use of each other's knowledge, experience and solution directions.

The LDE universities want to integrate the two fields more, to encourage policymakers to do so as well. Because it is becoming increasingly clear how strongly climate and biodiversity are interlinked. Real solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss can only be achieved by approaching these problems in conjunction.

This new Leiden-Delft-Erasmus initiative explores what interdisciplinary education and research already exists within the universities and what opportunities there are to further expand cooperation in the field of interdisciplinary biodiversity and climate research.

At the same time, we are building a network. One of the first activities is the publication of a white paper in May 2024. In this publication, we will show how climate (measures) and biodiversity influence each other and how an integrated approach will really make our society future-proof, also in social terms.

For more information on the new Climate and Biodiversity initiative or if you would like to become part of the network, please contact Joran Lammers, Leiden University, e-mail: or Annelot Broerze, TU Delft, e-mail: