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Erasmus University College, Nieuwemarkt 1A, 3011 HP Rotterdam

Becoming a college student: Considering cognitive development, interests and study behaviours of young adults in higher education

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An  important task of higher education institutes is offering sufficient and effective support to young adults in the transition from secondary education into higher education and guide them into study success. Do the curriculum and study guidance that is offered meet the needs of students? How are students’ performance and study experiences influenced? Could this be improved?

In this Innovation Room a number of issues related to the cognitive development of young adults, their interests study behaviors and how we can support and guide them are addressed. We invited keynote speakers who will share results of their research:

• Laura van der Aar, MSc,  PhD candidate at the Brain and Development Lab of the Leiden University
• Dr. Brian Godor, Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology, Education and Child Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam

We also invited researchers and student counsellors to present their work during a poster session on the subjects of (cognitive) development of young adults, their interests and study behaviour.

Please join to discuss these important issues and to be inspired by researchers and practitioners.

Contact: Sylvia Walsarie-Wolff:

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