Challenges of Healthy Society

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TU Delft, East wing Architecture building
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Foto: Iris van den Broek

On October 30th, an event will be held in Delft to celebrate the recently launched collaboration between various LDE (Leiden, Delft, Erasmus) universities and university medical centers under the banner of Healthy Society.

The TU Delft faculties of BK, TBM, and IO have joined forces to work together in defining urban health, health systems, ethics, and participatory methods that have a real impact on the health of individuals and communities, both locally and globally.

This Healthy Society event provides a unique opportunity to connect with our colleagues from TU Delft, Leiden, and Erasmus Universities, as well as affiliated university medical centers and colleges, under main themes and through interactive workshops, to share successes, best practices, and new directions. This offers opportunities for further exploration beyond the current agendas in health research.


  • bk13:00 Registration and Welcome, Introduction to the Event
  • Keynote speaker
    Nico van Meeteren (Director, Health~Holland) – Call for Action
    [Q&A moderated by Machiel van Dorst]
  • Fishbowl Panel – TU Delft, Teaming Up
    Aukje Hassoldt (Dean, TPM), Caspar Chorus (Dean, IDE), Dick van Gameren (Dean, BK)
    [Moderated by Mariken Gaandarse]
  • The Healthy Society Map
    David de Buisonjé (Leiden University)
  • Interactive Activity – Connecting Across the Board
    [Moderated by Samantha Copeland]
  • Panel – Be Challenged! Challenges for Transdisciplinary Ways of Working
    Judith Rietjens (EMC, TU Delft), Annet Bruil (Heartbeat Ventures),
    Reinout Kleinhans (Urbanism, TUD), Lieke Oldenhoff (EUR, CARE Rotterdam), and you?
    [Moderated by Ingrid Mulder]
  • LDE Medical Delta Healthy Society – Introduction to the Daily Board and Theme Leads
  • Wrap up and Wall of Connecting Interactive Activity Wrap-up
  • 17:00 Healthy Snacks & Drinks


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