In thesis labs students work on sustainable aircraft, buildings and hospitals

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Recently students of all the Interdisciplinary Thesis Labs from the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Sustainability presented the common results of the cases they had been working on in their theses, for a public of clients, case holders, scientists and other students.

thesis labFor many participants working in the Thesis Lab has been a special experience.  “The Lab makes it clear that we must look at sustainability from a technical, social, business, law and policy perspective. For me it was a big insight how deeply things are interconnected," one of the participating organizations said.  A student mentioned how important it is to look at sustainability from a systemic point of view. "That is what we’ve learned in the Lab.”

thesis CFSWith creative posterexpo’s students brought their work to the public and opened discussions. Students of the Lab of Circular Building and Area Development even made a book, eagerly taken by the public. You can find the book attached below. 

An example of a Thesis Lab from last year is the one around greening hospitals, a collaboration between the LDE Center for Sustainability and Medical Delta. Read more about the students' recommendations

This year, this Thesis Lab expands to the entire healthcare sector and looks beyond hospital walls. The students are being asked to create an action agenda for (hospital) boards. The main question here is: what steps can we take today to make healthcare more ecologically sustainable for our future?

Some of the research questions submitted by healthcare institutions for this Thesis Lab are: how can we reduce the environmental impact of AI in healthcare? And very practically: what impact do contrast fluids used for MRI scans have on surface water around a hospital? And which disposable materials that ambulance staff use have the greatest negative environmental impact?

In addition to greening hospitals, the next series of Thesis Labs is about making industries, aircraft, buildings & spatial development more sustainable. Read more about the Thesis Labs and how to participate

Watch this video to learn more about the Thesis Labs

Book: endresult Thesis Lab Circular Building and Area Development (30.55 MB)
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