Students present their interdisciplinary results

This week students of all the Interdisciplinary Thesis Labs from the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Sustainability presented the common results of the cases they had been working on in their theses, for a public of clients, case holders, scientists and other students.

For many participants working in the Thesis Lab has been a special experience.  “The Lab makes it clear that we must look at sustainability from a technical, social, business, law and policy perspective. For me it was a big insight how deeply things are interconnected," one of our clients said.  A student mentioned how important it is to look at sustainability from a systemic point of view. "That is what we’ve learned in the Lab.”

With creative posterexpo’s students brought their work to the public and opened discussions. Students of the Lab of Circular Building and Area Development even made a book, eagerly taken by the public. Find the book attached below. 

We are looking very much forward to the new Thesis Labs, further exploring sustainable hospitals, industries, aircraft, industries and buildings & spatial development, preparations have already started!

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Book: endresult Thesis Lab Circular Building and Area Development (30.55 MB)
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