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Four New LDE Global Projects Approved

Recently, four new projects have been approved under the LDE Global program. LDE Global is the program through which scientists from the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities collaborate with colleagues from the Global South to tackle societal and scientific challenges of our time together. The LDE Global program focuses on inter- and transdisciplinary projects, providing added value alongside existing local initiatives such as Delft Global, Leiden Global, LUMC Global, ISS Erasmus and the International Centre for Frugal Innovation.

Feminist urban professionals in Chile, Morocco, and Turkey

In the project 'Building Feminist Urban Futures in the Majority World', an international team of nine scientists, including Dr. Bahar Sakizlioglu (EUR), Dr. Cristiana Strava (Leiden University), and Dr. Darinka Czischke (TU Delft) from the LDE universities and dr. Sanae Aljem (Ecole Nationale d'Architecture de Rabat) and dr. Ceren Lordoglu (Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi, Istanbul), will attempt to develop feminist urban research to better understand various urban issues and build capacity among feminist urban professionals in Chile, Morocco and Turkey. This action research is structured in three phases taking place at three locations.

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Photo: Piotr Arnoldes

It will start with an action research lab in the Netherlands, where feminist scholars, practitioners, and activists from Chile, Morocco, and Turkey will co-create the project's conceptual framework and methodology. After the action research lab in the Netherlands, the project will use a 'traveling urban lab approach,' visiting two of the three countries. Since Morocco and Turkey share similar challenges, one of these countries will host the first traveling lab. The second traveling lab will be in Chile, organized with local researchers and feminist housing activists.

Healthcare in Cameroon

Another project that will commence is 'Towards strengthening cervical cancer healthcare services in Cameroon and its francophone counterparts', led by Ir Karlheinz Samenjo (Department of Sustainable Design Engineering, TU Delft), TU Delft, LUMC and Erasmus MC will collaborate with Prof.dr. Yap Boum (University of Yaoundé), Dr. Conrad Tankou (Global Innovation and Creative Space, Cameroon) and Dr. Manga Stephen (The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services) to establish a research and education program to enhance cervical cancer healthcare. The project also aims to secure larger funding from organizations like NWO and the EU.

Photo: Leslie Toh

Governance structure for circular initiatives in Nairobi

The third approved project is 'The Nairobi River as a driver for Circular Communities – an urgent call for climate adaptivity and socio-ecological resilience'. Under the leadership of Ir. Mo Smit (Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft), an international team will aim to gain a better understanding of multiple value creation and governance structures in various circular initiatives in Nairobi. Local communities will also be supported in co-creating context-specific interventions and a collaborative framework that supports multiple value creation.

Heritage pilot in Argentina

The final approved project concerns the LDE theme of Heritage. Led by Dr. Naomi Oosterman (ESHCC, EUR) is 'Policing the illicit trade in cultural objects' and will be investigated with a pilot in Argentina. The lead partner in Argentina is: prof.dr. María Luz Endere (Universidad Nacional del Centro de Buenos Aires).

   There is great interest among scientists to conduct research and develop education in collaboration with partners in the Global South.'

wim van den doelLDE Dean Wim van den Doel sees that the LDE Global program clearly meets a need: 'There is great interest among scientists from the LDE universities to conduct research and develop education in collaboration with partners in the Global South. The four projects that have now been approved are excellent examples of this and show the diversity of topics: from urban issues to sustainability, heritage, and medical technology. I hope that LDE will be able to support many more such projects in the future.'

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