Space for Science and Society

Leiden-Delft-Erasmus-Universities (LDE) and NL Space Campus see plenty of opportunities to strengthen cooperation in the field of Space and Space related knowledge exchange and education. Between the LDE universities because of their high degree of complementarity as well as in relation to ESA ESTEC, Galileo Reference Centre (GRC), SRON, TNO, KNMI and other educational and knowledge institutions and companies in the Space cluster.

We believe this is important in order to be better able to bridge the gap between knowledge and the application of knowledge, and to bridge the (future) questions from industry and society and the way in which the talents of the future are prepared to answer these questions. We want to join forces to obtain more (external) funding for interesting education and research programmes.

Website Space for Science and Society

Leiden-delft-Erasmus Universities: Liaison Officer Space ir. Peter Batenburg