TU Delft launches first eight TU Delft AI Labs



News - 02 June 2020

TU Delft is setting up eight new AI Labs to investigate how artificial intelligence (AI) can accelerate scientific progress. To this end, scientists researching AI will be working together with scientist who use AI in their research. The first of these eight interdisciplinary AI labs will be followed by another sixteen in the course of 2020 and 2021. Recruitment has started on 2 June.

Rapid developments in AI, data science and digitalisation can accelerate scientific progress in all fields, ranging from medical science to infrastructural research, and across all levels, from fundamental to applied research. TU Delft is boosting collaboration between AI scientists and scientists in other domains, with the launch of a series of TU Delft AI Labs.

Within the MACHINA Lab, for example, researchers in machine learning work together with materials scientists on the analysis of existing materials and the development of new materials. Within the AidroLab, researchers in geometric deep learning are working with researchers in water management on subjects such as how to improve flood forecasting in the urban environment. Researchers in the CiTyAI-Lab will use a wide variety of data sources to map the impact of the city's 'fabric' on its inhabitants in order to improve the living environment.

AI-related knowledge is indispensable for future generations of engineers and scientists. That is why the labs also aim to strengthen education in the field of AI, data sciences and digitalisation, and to create links with educational programmes in various scientific domains.

van der hagenInvestments

TU Delft plans to double its budget in the field of AI, data & digitalisation to 70 million euros per year. These funds will be used for the recruitment of talented researchers, the establishment of research units, the development of educational programmes on AI, data and digitalization, and on the strengthening of collaborations, partnerships and networks.

Tim van der Hagen, Rector Magnificus of TU Delft: 'Our engineers are known for their ability to both think and do. I am proud that with the launch of the first eight TU Delft AI Labs, some 50 researchers from different disciplines are now already working on new challenges, and I am looking forward to the many initiatives that will follow'.

About TU Delft AI Labs
Each TU Delft AI Lab consists of a team of talented scientists, half of whom do research in AI, and half in another domain. Together they work on scientific and societal challenges for at least five years.

The first eight TU Delft AI Labs:
3DUU - 3D Urban Understanding
AidroLab - Artificial intelligence research in water management
CTAI-Lab - CiTy AI Lab
DeTAIL - Delft Tensor AI Lab
DI_Lab - Designing Intelligence Lab
IRIS - Intelligent & Reliable Imaging Systems
MACHINA - Machine Intelligence Advances for Materials
AI*MAN-lab - Transparent & Traceable AI in Human-AI Teamwork

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TU Delft AI Labs
Recruitment for the first eight TU Delft AI Labs will start on 2 June. The first vacancies for the TU Delft AI Labs can be found via the TU Delft Jobs portal