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The Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Education and Learning Annual Meeting is a yearly event where we showcase our achievements and plans for the year to come. Each year we pick a different theme that we explore together with keynote speakers, workshops and panels. This year's theme will be ‘Reflection with/on EdTech’.

This year's Annual meeting is linked to ‘100 days of Reflection’, organized in cooperation with 4TU.Centre for Engineering Education and the Teaching Academy of the TU Delft.

In this Annual Meeting we will explore what role EdTech can play in several aspects of reflection: reflection on educational design, delivery of education and evaluation, but also on the learning process and development of the students.


The preliminary program:

10:00 Introduction and word of welcome by LDE CEL Director Marcus Specht 

10.15 – 11.00 Keynote Dr. Martine Baars: The self in supporting self-regulated learning

11:00 – 11:45 Workshops Student opportunities and challenges for reflection

  1. Reframing Education, the quantified student - Eric Slaats (Fontys Hogeschool ICT)
  1. Blended Learning - Wiebe Dijkstra (Teaching & Learning Services TU Delft)
  1. Gamification of Learning - Alex Whitcomb & Koen Swinnen (ErasmusX)

    More engagement, more social interactions and may we say a little more fun? Learning via a game-based digital escape room.

    One of the identified issues in relation to online education is the lack of social engagement and interaction between students. Especially when you want your students to work together to solve a problem or combat a challenge. Sure, you can use zoom or teams, but these tools don't feel as natural or authentic real environments give you. Especially when you have a digital classroom over hundreds of students. So how do you enhance engagement and interaction online? This was the main challenge for Erasmus School of Law and innovation team ErasmusX of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Together we experiment with engaging game-based-learning environments for a brand-new Legal Tech course, launched in the new academic year. Join our session and get inspired by how we designed an Escape Room learning environment in the GatherTown platform. 1500+ part- and full-time Law students can now collaborate anywhere and anytime they want in an interactive way.

  2. Chatbots for Goal Setting and student well-being - Ujwal Gadiraju & Gabrielle Martins Van Jaarsveld (TUD/(LDE CEL)

11.45 – 12.00  Short break

12:00 – 12.45 Keynote Donald Clark: AI changes Everything - AI is already used by almost all learners in the form of search and mediated interfaces. It is also being used to create, deliver and curate learning experiences.

12:45 – 13.45 Lunch break

13.45 – 14.30  Workshops LDE CEL

  1. Game-Based Learning - Simon Tiemersma
  1. Virtual Reality for Learning - Nesse van der Meer
  1. Learning Analytics what does it do and does it help - Manuel Valle Torre - Marcus Specht
  1. Peer Assessment and Peer Review - Gillian Saunders

14.30-15.00 Coffee Break

15.00 – 15:45 Keynote Annique de Bruin: Worth the effort. The self-regulation of desirable difficulties." 

15.45 – 16:00 Henk Dekker award online ceremony

16:00 Wrap up 

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