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Erasmus Universiteit, Burgemeester Oudlaan, Rotterdam


From Feed to Stories:  Online Media in Higher Education (OMHE) congress Tuesday 21 May 2019

The next Online Media in Higher Education (OMHE) congress will take place at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In this seventh edition of the congress we invite experts and colleagues to share new insights in the world of online and social media. OMHE 2019 is all about learning what the next big thing might be. Online and social media are ever-changing at a speed at which can still be baffling to comprehend. How people use channels evolves, as do the online spaces themselves. A recent example of such change is a clear switch “from Feed to Stories” on Instagram and other platforms. We as marketing professionals have to stay on top of that. The sort of content that would have worked on Instagram and Facebook (or any other online platform or medium) is likely to be far different from what will crack the algorithm of today.

For whom?

OMHE is targeted at marketing- and communication professionals and every employee in the higher education sector who uses online (social) media in their everyday job. Together we will delve into both new and existing opportunities, learn something new and really connect with our higher education community. Mark your calendar for OMHE 2019 at Erasmus University Rotterdam: Tuesday 21 May 2019.


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Erasmus University Rotterdam, Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, 3062 PA Rotterdam