TU Delft Minor Event

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TU Delft Aula congrescentrum



On March 25 from 13.30 to 17.00 TU Delft organizes a minor information market in the TU Delft Aula Congress centre. Please register for one of the time slots via the registration form. 

13.30-14.30 uur
14.45-15.45 uur
16.00-17.00 uur

Leiden-Delft-Erasmus minors

At this event you cabn also find information about the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus minors.

TU Delft students use Osiris to register for minors from the range on offer at TU Delft, as well as the minors available to TU Delft students taught at Leiden University and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The range of minors at TU Delft, Leiden and Erasmus comprise two types of minors: selection minors and non-selection minors. The registration period for selection minors is the same for all three universities. The deadline for registering for non-selection minors at Leiden and Erasmus is different from the deadline for registering for non-selection minors at TU Delft.

Registration period for selection minors:
1 to 15 April 2019 - selection minors at TU Delft / LEI / EUR via Osiris

Registration period for non-selection minors:
1 to 31 May 2019 – non-selection minors at LEI / EUR via Osiris
1 May to 15 July 2019 – non-selection minors at TU Delft via Osiris

Registering for non-selection minors is via open registration (first come, first served basis)

The registration period on 1 April and 1 May starts at 13:00