ACCEZ networkevent circular urban development

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De Fruitvis, Marconistraat 43, Rotterdam
Photo: Daniela van Bergen

Welcome to join the first ACCEZ’ network event about circular urban development, thursday 17 january 2019, Rotterdam.

Professor Urban Development Management at TU Delft, Ellen van Bueren, talks about circular urban development of the area Binckhorst North West The Hague and shows cases like ResourceCity and the Circular Building Platform. Next to it, Koos Biesmeijer, professor Natural Capital at the Leiden University, talks about the first results of the 'Groene Hart Circular' transition case with initiatives like Wagro and Groene Hart Werkt!.

Join us! Entrance is free of charge. Please contact Rien Bongers if you have any questions via 010-2709465 or email

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