Reintroduction: CFIA becomes ICFI

icfi cfiaNovember 2021

The Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa will henceforth be known as the International Centre for Frugal Innovation (ICFI).

CFIA becomes ICFI. This new name consolidates the practice in recent years, collaborating with researchers all over the world. Together with our international network we focus on local projects with local partners.  While Africa remains of key importance for the Centre, it is not our only focus. We have become an international oriented research centre with a global network of academics that focus on research, education and knowledge exchange on frugal innovation, from various disciplines, perspectives and geographies.

Frugal innovation for science and society

In this white paper we briefly introduce ICFI and our thoughts on frugal innovation and frugality in science and society. Read more about the value, challenges and opportunities surrounding frugal innovation and frugality, the existing academic streams and ideas and the next frontiers for the upcoming years. 

A brief introduction to frugal innovation and ICFI

frugal innovation

More information:
White paper: Frugal Innovation for Science and Society