New Medical Delta program AI for Computational Life Sciences accelerates and improves drug development

medical delta

Medical Delta will start its fifteenth scientific program this month: Medical Delta AI for Computational Life Sciences. The program combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), bioinformatics and life sciences. It bridges scientific research to drug development and clinical usage for different diseases and disorders, including tuberculosis and brain disorders.

The consortium that is collaborating in the program uses AI techniques to unlock biomedical data, discover new candidate drugs, detect special cell abnormalities or connections and find useful information for research in complex data. By doing so, the program is creating new opportunities for scientific research into the human body and, in particular, on the development and effect of new medicines. In addition to tuberculosis and brain disorders, the results of this research can also be applied to other diseases.

Medical Delta is investing €380,000 to start the program. In line with Medical Delta’s other scientific programs, interdisciplinary collaboration is the starting point. Scientists in the fields of bioinformatics, drug development, AI and Computational Life Sciences from Leiden University, LUMC, Erasmus University and Delft University of Technology work together with clinicians and pharmaceutical companies. Scientists from Erasmus MC are also involved in the program.

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