haven rotterdam

Centre for Metropolis and Mainport

Ports are the intersections for global transport networks, but they are also inseparable from the urban environments of which they form part. So ports are, par excellence, ‘glocal’. The Centre for Metropolis and Mainport focuses on these global intersections and their environs and hinterland. The Port of Rotterdam is a pivotal area of focus.

Metropolis and Mainport considers questions like:

  • How can ports operate as nuclei in worldwide networks in a more environmentally friendly way?
  • What instruments can be used to enhance the accessibility of ports?
  • How can we strengthen international trade and global clusters around ports and metropolises?
  • How can the synergy between port and city be improved?


Prof. dr. Rob Zuidwijk
Scientific Director
Dr. Arjan van Binsbergen
Associate Director

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