Port City Futures

Port City Futures is an initiative of the LDE Centre, investigating the evolving spatial use and design of port city-regions over time, in particular addressing when port and city activities occur in the same places and sometimes conflict.

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A new research programme to start on January 1st 2020

port city futures research

A port, its neighboring city, and region form a type of territory at select intersections of water and land, across which people, goods, and ideas all flow. Although a port and its infrastructure form a globally connected industrial complex, that complex must share limited space with its city and region. Port functions exist cheek by jowl with lived-in urban spaces, and other built-up and natural areas. Port City Futures explores these particularities and proposes spatial planning and design measures for the use of this limited space so that the port and city (and region) can jointly evolve.

Port City Futures employs interdisciplinary methods and long-term perspectives to connect political, economic, social, and cultural dimensions of spatial use. It explores how the flows of goods and people generated by port activities intersect with the dynamics of the natural territory, hydraulic engineering, spatial planning, urban design, architecture, and heritage. It examines the spatial impact of competing interests among port-related and urban spatial development needs and timelines, proposes possible scenarios, and examines the impacts of these futures.

We are looking for PhD students (self-funded)

Under the auspices of the Graduate School of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology, the Leiden Delft Erasmus (LDE) Research Program PortCityFutures, launches the special PhD programme PortCityFutures. Interested candidates who are qualified to pursue PhD-level research work are invited to submit their applications for self-funded PhD work before 1 December 2019. 

Vacancy PhD and Postdoc position (funded)



Carola HeinProf.dr.ing. Carola Hein
Delft Univeristy of Technology
Professor of History of Architecture and Urban Planning, Department of Architecture


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