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Centres & Medical Delta

Centres en Medical Delta

The Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centres are multidisciplinary and inter-university theme-based centres that were launched in 2013 under the flag of the strategic alliance between the three universities.

Through innovative and outstanding teaching and research, they seek to contribute towards understanding and solving the major and complex social issues of our time. They work with societal partners and seek to form a basis for further academic and public-private partnerships.

Centre for BOLD Cities
Centre for Education and Learning
Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa
Centre for Global Heritage and Development
Centre for Sustainability

From 1 january 2019 on these centres will be discontinued:

Centre for Metropolis and Mainport
Centre for Safety and Security
European Research Centre for Economic and Financial Governance

Medical Delta

Medical Delta is the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus consortium for health and medical technology. The partners in Medical Delta are the three universities, the Erasmus Medical Centre and the Leiden University Medical Centre, together with more than 150 companies, science parks, and public-sector bodies.

Medical Delta