Research programmes

Nanofront (NWO Gravitation programme)

In the ‘Nanofront’ research programme, scientists from TU Delft and Leiden University are exploring the boundaries of nanoscience. In 2012 this research was awarded funding by the NWO ‘Gravitation’ programme. The scientists are exploring the two most exciting fields in nanoscience: the quantum world in materials and the building blocks of living cells.


Building block for a quantum computer (ERC Synergy programme)

In 2012 the nanoscientists Leo Kouwenhoven and Lieven Vandersypen of TU Delft and Carlo Beenakker of Leiden University were awarded an ERC Synergy Grant, a European grant for collaborations between leading scientists. Since 2004, with support from the NWO’s Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM), the three scientists have been working on the physical foundations of a potentially super-fast quantum computer. In this Synergy programme they will be able to take a further step towards building a working quantum computer circuit, partly based on the Majorana particle that was discovered in 2012.

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