Trainee programme

Leiden University, TU Delft, and Erasmus University Rotterdam offer  a joint trainee programme since 2014.

As a management trainee, you take different courses that will enable you to develop your qualities as effectively as possible. You will also receive support in your personal development through peer-to-peer learning and theme lunches.

During the programme, trainees choose at least two new training locations at one of the faculties or service departments at one of the three universities.  Examples of these could include setting up an international policy for a faculty or new degree programme, as part of a team. Another could be the implementation of a project in the field of finance, or research and teaching.

For two years, trainees gain a glimpse into the business operations of different universities and the opportunity to work on their professional and personal development. The traineeship offers many opportunities for development, and you will have a unique network from the very first day as a trainee.

On 1 May 2015, twelve new trainees embarked on the joint trainee programme. 


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